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Price from
399 kr

The Barbecue offer for outstanding moments together.

Price from
399 kr

Choose our Barbecue offer and get a borrowed barbecue, charcoal /briquettes and lighting fluid delivered to your cabin or camping site.

The memorable moments are created when your friends and family enjoying a nice barbecue.
These are the memories we want you to remember from your holiday and not the frustration when you tried to push your own barbecue in the car, or when the charcoal fell out of its package and messed upp your own luggage, or when only half your food took place on the disposable grill you bought in a hurry on your way to us.

Add the Barbecue offer in your reservation and let the positive memories take over.

The Barbecue offer includes;

  • A borrowed barbecue from the brand Weber which is delivered to your accommodation 
  • Charcoal or briquettes 
  • Lighting fluid

When the charcoal,briquettes or lighting fluid is empty, you can buy more in the shop at the facility.

Welcome to a great Holiday!

Good to know

The Barbecue offer for outstanding moments together.

We don't think the quality should be any less for wanting it simple.Therefore, you get to borrow a Weber barbecue which has great qualifications and makes the food on your plate extra tasty.