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Mountainbike at Flottsbo

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Person som cyklar mountainbike i Flottsbro

Challenge the body on historical ground for Swedish mountainbike. The first national championships in MTB were held here in 1992 and Sweden´s most successful club Spårvägen CF is training here. With that as a background, you can easily understand that the forest around Flottsbro contains with a lot of nice trails for MTB.

The lift takes you uphill every day at 11.00-20.00 during the MTB season.

At Flottsbro there are 55 cabins with 2-6 beds. 36 of the cottages are modernly furnished with a toilet, shower and a small porch. The cabins have cooking facilities and the cabins without shower/toilet have access to this at our modern service house. Most of our cabins have a TV with an expanded TV range.

Would you rather bring your own accommodation, you are welcome to book a site for your caravan or camper at one of our camping sites with electricity and TV connection.

Select the accommodation that suits you here below to proceed your booking.

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You can purchase our lift pass when you arrive. 

Day card:
Youth (up to 16 years): 120kr
Adult (from 17 years):150kr

Season card:
Youth (up to 16 years): 1500kr
Adult (from 17 years):2000kr

50kr is the deposit for all cards.