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Address: Ejdergatan 3B, 416 68 Göteborg

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Price from
795 kr

Autumn holiday offer “ Ghost Camp”

Price from
795 kr

Welcome to spooky moments together with us during autumn holidays.

When you check into Ghost Camp you will find ghostly decorated cabins. If you check in with a caravan or camper you will get a goodie bag that you can decorate your accommodation with.

During the weekend you can go on a quiz walk, carve pumpkins, get your face painted and much more. Above all, we want to give you the preconditions to hang out with your loved ones in a nice nature environment.

At all facilities includes:

  • Accommodation in ghostly furnished cottages or a goodiebag to decorate your camper or caravan with.
  • A quiz walk
  • Carve your own pumpkins
  • Face painting
  • Live in a nice nature environment

Chose the facility you want to visit and find out more what the different facilities offers.

Welcome, if you dare?

Good to know

Good to know:
The Swedish autumn holiday is week 44, Norwegian is week 40 and 41, and Danish is week 42. You choose whether you want to stay at the facility 2, 3 or 4 nights.

The autumnholiday offer can be different depending on which facility you chose. Some of the facilities offer a Ghost walk. Click on the facility you want to stay at and find out more.