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Price from
190 kr

Flottsbro Downhill Cars

Price from
190 kr
Kille som åker downhill car i solsken

Down the hill - in a different way!


On Flottsbro takes us up to go down. This is how we do, no matter the weather. It may include skiing, mountain biking, or for that matter leaden workout. Now there is a new variant 
- Flottsbro Downhill Cars. With the help of the lift takes you up the steep hill - then it's up to you. You can get down with the car via a perfectly matched path and look greenery whizzing past the right next to the slopes and the car's technology, you decide the speed. 3, 2, 1 go! Challenge yourself and your friends.

You can be confident in the car

"  All cars are equipped with hydraulic brakes 
»  Electronic security systems  
»  4-point seat belt
»  Minimum age 15 years and the length of 150 cm.

Good to know

Fri-Sun 11-18
Open other times bookings groups.


Six runs (1person) - 190:-
All cars (10 cars any number of people) 1h 4500: -